Once the puppies are born after the 7th day of birth we will contact the owners on our our puppy pick waiting list and they can book an appointment for a meet and greet & visit the new born litter and the parent on site.

Once the owners to be have viewed the puppies within the litter they can make a formal decision on what puppy they would love to own as their new family companion.  If the owners live long distance this is not a problem we will do a home video of all the puppies within the litter and post is up for their family viewing enjoyment.  If their is any remaining pups within the litter that have not yet been sold adopted purchased into a family we will post up videos and photos of the puppy or puppies that are still available for adoption purchase and you and your family can make a formal decision on what puppy you wish to have as a lifelong family companion best friend.

With all do respect we do expect all  if possible new husky owners to ensure they came some time out of their busy life style to book an appointment to come visit their new husky puppy often as this helps owner puppy build a strong bonding relationship with each.  If you live more than 5-10 or further we will do video up dates every 2 -weeks of the puppies in the litter and do photos up dates and send them to your correct email.

Thank you for my 2 beautiful huskies.
We love their huskies so much we adopted another one.
We adopted Angel & Casper's mom Church.

They are highly family oriented and child family friendly rest assured one of our Siberian Husky puppies will make a great special family companion.

All puppies come with a full home-care puppy package this includes first set of shots, 3-4 dewormed, collar, leash,large bag of puppy dog food Yukon Gold, Puppy name tag, universal kennel club international registration paper, owners are for their own puppy shipping & dog kennel. All our registered Siberian huskies puppies are micro chipped right on site for identification before leaving our premises giving you and your Siberian Husky full identification security protection.  All our adults and puppies come with 100% full health guarantee up to 18 + years in longevity and are fully medically veterinary examined tip to tail and are genetically clean of intestinal parasite quality approved for family adoption.

Puppies are booked to get their first vet shots on February 5th
And will be ready to go home with their new families on February 6th pick up time 4
Luna's Christmas saving's sale
December 25th Deposit $300 Balance $500
Saving's sale ends December 26th. 
All our selective breeding huskies are all current of their veterinarian vet shots boosters and are personally hand-picked due to their own imprinted beautiful characteristic qualities that they possess and pass on to their own offspring

puppies come with an 18 years health guarantee in longevity come fully dewormed -5 times,  first set of vet shots with certificate booklet, micro chipped, registered, collar, leash puppy name tag 1 large bags of Yukon Gold, Pee pee pads for on the go, baby blanket, bowls bottled water for the trip home & a  free family gift stocking stuffier 

All puppies are in house raised and are fully socialized from birth until their home date February 5th. If we are shipping to your location we provide certified veterinarian health certificate owners are responsible for shipping  and dog kennel

Send us your inquiry by email for more information or to book an appointment for a meet and great, to meet Luna's beautiful Husky Brawn built males or Non husky brawn built females.  If you live long distance you have the option to make other convenient arrangements to place down a adoption security deposit on your new husky puppy of choice. All adoption security deposits come with recorded security receipt if you live long distance you have the option to do a EMT a security recorded receipt will be Emailed to you and are also giving to you in person

Luna & Caspar produced  7 amazing puppies within their December 5th litter they have quiet calm sound temperaments and are imprinted with their grandfather's genetic characteristics Husky Brawn built defined perfect muscular size  All

Our  puppies video's will change tomorrow

The puppies Sex & colors are:
On your receipt their will be a ticket id code # on the right hand side.
1-Male Silver & Gray puppy pick ticket id code #
2-Male Silver & White puppy pick ticket id code #
3-Male Silver & White puppy pick ticket id code # 557576
4-Male Silver & Gray puppy pick ticket id code #
5-Female Gray & Gray puppy pick ticket id code #
6-Female Gold & White puppy pick ticket id code #
Snow Dogs website has dedicated themselves accordingly to the Alberta animal regulations & bylaws in Canada breeding for over 4 decades providing animal health and welfare for each individual breeding husky. Our breeding huskies are highly genetically clean with Top Notch sound temperaments characteristics and genetically imprinted with their own parents tight sound intelligence with a Health guarantee in longevity leaving each individual breeding husky with an imprinted trademark of clean qualified non-aggressive genetics within their bloodlines with quality approved attributes of calm, sound, family friendly personalities with soft nature characteristics that are specially recommended for kids of all age groups and special need children.
Our breeding huskies coat type textures range from:
Short coast, Medium coats, Plush coats, Woolly coats. Our breeding huskies come with many beautiful eye colors ranging from Jamaican ocean blue, Baby blue, Crystal white, Bluish green, Green,Yellow gold, or Amber eyes, We have many eye color combinations but our husky breeders mostly produce ocean blue eyes.
Our huskies are suited for family friendly companionship, And are highly positively challenged in sport activities as competitive harness racing country Ski-joying agility trials show ring and being in commercials movie series and movies or in posters to promote your business products advertisement's. Take the opportunity to watch these great family movies Snow Dogs and Eight Below this would be a great opportunity where the whole family can spend some great quality family time together with a hot bowl of popcorn.


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