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We guarantee when your puppy arrives they will be flawless & beautiful when they mature.
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SnowDogs website is a Professional Producer of clean quality qualified Registered Purebred Siberian Huskies. They have provided the following Professional Customer Services since 1980 in Siberian Husky Sale & Services, Professional Stud & Dam Breeding Services, Professional Boarding animal care maintenance Services. They produce a variety of selective breeding's of OFA /Certified approved Sires and Dams that produce a range of Husky brawn-built puppies of all sizes & colors. Some are Slender Build, some are Mini, Dwarf . All possess beautiful calm sound temperaments with exquisite mask markings with solid coloring that show off their majestic bright ocean blue eyes.
Our adult's and puppies are over-socialized right from birth. They all have loving charming beautiful happy characteristics. Each puppy, preteen or adult has a very exquisite different beauty about them. They are very family orientated and child family friendly. Rest assured one of our Siberian Husky puppies will make a great special family companion. We wish you many years of joy. All puppies come with a full home-care puppy package this includes first set of shots, dewormed, collar, leash and bag of dog food . All puppies must be micro-chipped before they go home to their families. All puppies are micro-chipped right on site for identification before leaving the premises, giving you and your Siberian Husky full identification security and protection. All our adult's and puppies come 100% full health guaranteed up to 18 + years, veterinary full medically checked and are fully genetically hereditary clean of genetic corruption and intestinal parasite De-wormed to the fullest extent.
 Producer of Husky Brawn Built Flawless and Beautiful  Registered Woolly Siberian huskies.

Producer of Husky Brawn Built Flawless & Beautiful registered Female Woolly Siberian husky puppies.


SnowDogs website has dedicated themselves in producing Top Notch Purebred registered Siberian Huskies for over 4 decades with a Husky Health Contract guaranteeing the quality of longevity up to 18 plus. Leaving each individual Siberian Husky puppy with an imprinted trademark of clean qualified non-corrupted genetics within their bloodlines with quality approved attributes of calm sound family friendly child loving temperaments with highly intelligent characteristics with additional flawless mask markings that enhance their appearance while showing off their attractive majestic bright ocean blue eyes, bi-eyes or brown-colored eye.


Before we start the process: We will need you to send us all your information so we  can place this info into your puppy file folder before we start any deposit processing application. Please be kind and send in your First Name, Last Name, Address, Postal Code ,Phone Number ,and Email Address. your information will be placed in your Puppy File folderthan  once all your information is in we can start the adoption process. You can then send an E-mail transfer Adoption deposit in to be placed onto your new puppywaiting list that you wish to be on . Once we process your adoption deposit we will place it on the Puppy Pick List with an ID code # this means that  you have claimed that spot by placing down a adoption deposit or on another list of your choice the ID Ticket Code Number is your puppy placement tracking number and once the litters arrive we will only contact those account holders that are on the puppy pick waiting litter lists.
Adoption deposit $300 Balance $1,000 Firm payable bi weekly on flexible payment plan program.
 We have only 1-male left in Trylord & Kleo's litter a Red & white male he has 1 bright ocean blue eye & 1 baby blue eye.. He has a calm sound quiet personality with an outstanding family friendly characteristics like his mother and father. New videos below.
About Trylord: Trylord is a Husky Brawn Built male with a very kind smart loving personality with family friendly characteristics 110.% To know our Trylord is to meet him in person. Just like many others that have meet my stunning boy are just in Awww with him than you will understand why we are so highly proud of our beautiful sire & father and grandfather of our Siberian huskies he produces or his children produce. It's truly amazing that such a charming husky such as him self has Top Notch characteristic it might have to do with how I have raised him from a baby.

About Kleo: is a must meet outstanding beautiful mothering loving family friendly personality 120% she loves showing off her children and enjoys meeting new people, Her characteristics are out of this world just like her husband FLAWLESS as she is PRICELESS she's a wonderful loving mother highly intelligent with an easy going temperament & personality. their children always have great attributes and very easy going spirit.

Adoption deposit $300 Balance $2,000  payable on  payment plan program Litter due August 20th
This litter will be a solid jet black & white litter with ocean blue eyes.
**** TRY OUR LORD DIVA***  and  *** IRON WILL CRY WOLF  ****
Adoption deposit $300 Balance $2,300 payable on payment plan program. Litter Due August 28th

ABOUT NOVA: Nova is HIGHLY INTELLIGENT by nature she can unlock anything or find any week spot to simplify her escape, So we became smarter we chain linked everything around her because she truly wants my bunny for lunch. Nova is highly compassionate easy going very lovable most beautiful and has a soft family friendly personality & rock solid quiet temperament  she loves it when children give her all the attention & she loves horses & other dogs She is the daughter of Trylord & Tikka.

ABOUT NASH: Nash is a Husky brawn Built Silver gray white with a solid tight family friendly easy going bubbly personality with beautiful Top Notch characteristics. He has a strong passion for the ladies as he uses his beautiful man charm to sweep them off their feet .
NOVA WILL PRODUCE: Nova will deliver Silver gray & white.Gray silver white smokey & gray white. Jet back & white and wolf impression look alikes. They will have sharp looking puppies within their new upcoming August litter. Some puppies like the males will be husky brawn built with beautiful round heads & tight TOP NOTCH solid mask markings like photos show & others like the females will show off their beautiful flawless mask markings or water fall mask markings & the males will charm you with their appearance of beauty either way both sides male or females will BE most striking and amazing suitable for children of all age groups. We have imprinted this litter with tight strong positive attributes to enhance  the beauty of the litter.
Claimed 1.PUPPY PICK ID CODE # 5074444 Platt  family
Claimed 2.PUPPY PICK ID CODE # 507448 Rehbein family
Claimed 3.PUPPY PICK ID CODE # 507570 May family
Once the litter is born we will contact only the account holders on the puppy pick waiting list as it shows above in order. Only after the 4th day of deliver of the litter we will request each person to come in and view the litter if they can not come in we will send account holders email photos of the litter and at such time they can pick & choose their puppy pick of their choice. Non-refundable Deposits will be consider a gift of kindness and shall be given to the mother.
Adoption deposit $300 Balance $2,300. flexible payment plan program due August 29th
About Frost: Frost is 99.99% Just like her father Trylord, She is the First born daughter and is Daddies Little girl Frost has a tight quiet rock solid calm sound temperament & beautiful easy going family friendly personality her over all characteristics are of that of her father Trylord. She is fine as she is stunning and beautiful all around she is untouchable as she is priceless.
About Nash: Nash is a Husky Brawn Built Just like Trylord has a rock solid Top Notch personality and charming temperament his characteristics our outstanding and loving, He's a real ladies man when it comes to the girls their is nothing that hold a flame to Nash but Trylord they are both kings of their thrones. Both Trylord & Nash produce TNT puppies within their litters.  
Claimed 1.Puppy pick-ID code #Private
Claimed 2.Puppy pick-ID code # Private
3.puppy pick-ID code #
4.Puppy pick-ID code #
5.Puppy pick-ID code #
6. Puppy pick-ID code#
Once the litter is born we will only be contacting the account holders on the list to come in after the 4th day of litter birth. To come in and view the litter and at such time they may pick their puppy pick of choice. If account holders can not come in we will send them email photos of each puppy within the litter.
FROST: Will produce Silver white, silver gray & white Jet black & white smokey gray & white with tight solid  flawless mask markings with heart stopping Jamaican bright ocean blue eyes that will not fade out or turn white. Do not delay on getting on this list as it will close fast.

**** Channel  Wedding date on Hold  ****

Adoption deposit $300 Balance $2,300  payable bi-weekly on a flexible payment plan program payments are due before the 1st or on the 1st & before the 15th or on the 15th of each month until closed.

ABOUT CHANNEL: Channels the slitting image of our Trylady frost & has all her fathers outstanding characteristics and soft family friendly attributes and beautiful temperament she is highly confident by nature very happy go luck girl. She has is very soft and easy going very playful and highly to understand commands when spoken to. She is just like her father Trylord & sister Trylady frost a people person.

CHANNEL: will produce within their new upcoming litter Jet black & white. Silver & white. Gray Silver & white. Black & silver tip the males like Nash will be charming & Top Notch while showing off their husky Brawn Built beauty with their solid tight mask makings or imprinted open face or water fall mask markings. While on the other hand the females will be more on the flashy & fancy flawless side of beautiful never the less male or female their puppies will all have bodacious bright ocean Jamaican blue eyes.

ABOUT NASH: Nash is a husky brawn built sire with outstanding charm loves the ladies and shows it off always, He charming attributes are something admired He love to speak his mind when spoken to other than that he's a very big teddy bear and always working on the job. His characteristics are most beautiful just like our Trylord and his Husky Brawn Built size is most stunning.


Our family code of Ethics
We respect your family values with the up most integrity. If you are searching for the perfect family companion and soul mate for your family children or older children searching for a promising Siberian Husky Adult or Puppy. Our Siberian huskies hold a very strong title in clean genetics with strong quality sound temperaments with intelligent personalities that we imprint into our puppies. We are always available when it comes to tending to your  families Siberian husky desires. We take great pride in our selective breeding and have taken a solid oath to serve and fully protect our Siberian Husky breed and those that have adopted our grandchildren.
Our family pride is about princables

We always imprint our Siberian Husky & grand-children with the utmost top of the line
calm soft sound family friendly personalities with quiet relaxing beautiful characteristics that you and your family will admire. It's all about our family oath & professional business Code of Ethics that make the difference. 

We are always available 24/7 when it comes to meeting your Siberian Husky's needs or the need of the families that have adopted our Shiberian Husky puppies. We have taken a solid oath to serve and fully protect the Siberian Husky breed from being genetically corrupted and contaminated by unskilled breeding practices by other uneducated breeders..We standby our commitment and devote our time and relationship work ethics to ensure our Siberian Husky children and their family and friends are happy unconditionally with our professional business breeding services that we provide to our potential customers and business partners. To date we are very proud to say we are #1 in caring and supporting our families friends and their Siberian Husky children 100% ..

We guarantee your new investment will pass their eye, hip & elbow blood testing exam with flying colors your new Siberian husky pet prospect or breeding investment holds no hereditary health disease's, no hereditary health defects  and no genetic corruptions within their bloodlines. We standby our health guarantee up to 18 years in longevity plus. Do not settle for less or second best. Our registered Siberian Huskies are suited for family friendly companionship, are highly intelligent and family friendly most of all positively challenged in sport activity's as competitive harness racing country Ski-joying agility trials show ring and being in commercials movie series and movies or in posters to promote your business products advertisement's.Take the opportunity to watch these great family movies Snow Dogs and Eight Below this would be a great opportunity where the whole family can spend some great quality family time together with a hot bowl of popcorn.

We are so highly confident and very protective of our Siberian Husky's bloodlines you will understand once you meet our Siberian Husky children and their children, only then will you really understand why we care as much for you and your families Siberian Husky puppy as we do for our very own. Our Siberian Huskies are more then just Siberian Huskies they are all a large part of our lives.They are more than just Siberian Huskies they are our babies our children so when you come to see our Siberian Huskies you're not just meeting a dog or husky your meeting a large part of our family roots. When you adopt one of our grand-children you are adopting our unconditional love.We guarantee high clean quality genetic genes within our purebred Siberian husky bloodlines 100% . We hold the golden key of Quality success within our bloodlines with no hereditary corruption or genetic flaws nor health issue or birth defects in our  genetics. We take on that extra mile by going the distance to re-create and produce within our litters the true natural looking beauty of the Siberian husky breed. We always insure in our breeding program that each matched breeding partner holds dear to their heart soft solid sound relaxed calming family child friendly characteristics.With 32 years of educated breeding skills and experience we are able to produce or re-create the up most perfect structured Siberian husky.

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To be place on any puppy pick waiting list the adoption deposit is $300 to be placed on our puppy pick waiting list & is Non-refundable. Payments are due by-weekly and are payable before the 1st or on the 1st & before the 15th or on 15th of each month until the account holders account is closed.  All Account holders are responsible to insure their puppy payments are in on time .If payments are no in on time their will be a penalty service charges added to their puppy account in the amount of $50 per day until their puppy payment has been processed. If account holders account is not consistent in good standings. The account holders take the great risk of their puppy account being Null & Void/closed and their puppy being Re-homed Re-sold. If account holder remove them selves off their puppy account all monies will be taken into account as a donation and given to the puppies as a gift of kindness & the puppy be re-homed. For puppies that are not sold we reserve the right to reduce the price & place them on a reduced resale price to insure each healthy puppy finds a loving  home.
If you wish not to be on the puppy payment plan program you do have the option to pay out your puppy account in full if this suits you best. All payment transaction & email transactions are recorded printed and processed on the behalf of the account holds. You have the option to make your puppy payment in person or by E-mail  E-transfer. Please insure you send in the required info. First name last name address postal code phone number within your email this making the processing application go faster for everyone.