No other Dogs are permitted on the grounds what so ever.Only our husky owners are permitted to bring their purchased huskies home to visit family in a secured security arena so they can play freely with supervision. All families must ensure they watch their children on site at all times while visiting our husky ranch facility.

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Highly Professional business services with 36 years experience
We provide a  flexible and affordable payment plan programs to meet the need of our currents and future customers. Ensuring each family household with healthy family friendly sociable purebred registered Siberian huskies puppies while providing our current & future customers with everything they will need for their new registered Siberian husky puppy/puppies/pr-teen or adult. While guaranteeing each family receives a healthy clean sound Siberian husky puppy with beautiful calm easy  going  characteristics with solid quiet personalities. We ensure our quality health guarantee up to 18 years in pro genetic professional breeding reproduction ensuring the longevity of our Siberian huskies life span.

If you require your new reg Siberian husky puppy to be shipped to your location please ensure you contact one of the following international air lines to pr book your new puppies flight home coming. We will ensure your puppy comes home to you in great comfort and with all their vet documents and micro chipp documents and all your original recorded receipts.Please ensure you let us know if you would like your puppies dog food mailed out to you with Canada post. We want to ensure your new Siberian husky baby boy or girl has their dog food at home before they arrive. Please ensure before you pick up your new puppy at the international air port you have bottled water and the puppy food you received  from us you have available as your new puppy will be hungry and thirsty. Make sure when you get your new puppy you ensure puppy get to go out of his or her dog kennel to have a bathroom break. For a puppy flying home her or she will need much affection and attention from you as you are now their new mother or father and they are dependent on you.

Our huskies fly friendly with WestJet Cargo:1-866-952-2746

Our huskies fly friendly with Air Canada Cargo:1-800-387-4865
Please ensure you book your husky puppy departure flight home 2 or 3 days after their vet appointment date. We do not want our grandchildren to feel stressed due to their busy day after their get their first vet shots. Our commitment on your behalf we will arrive at the international air port in Calgary at the cargo bay 2 hours prior to boarding your husky puppy into cargo with all their documents taped on top of their dog kennel. All puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age no younger and will have vet approval certificate to fly home.
New video updates are posted on the website daily please feel free to go to and type in A Better Breed snow dogs to watch all our current up loaded videos. . It is always your choice on what litter you wish to be on. You can secure your security deposit on one of our upcoming litters now to ensure that you are on that puppy pick waiting list. Owners are able to transfer to another puppy pick list of their choice but please understand you will be moved in the next available space.
Please take some time to read our postings below.
Please send in your information first such as:
Your first name, last name, address, postal code email and phone number plus giving us a clear description on your desirable puppy you wish to have this will help us out faster to place this is your puppy file folder. Then we can start the following process: You can make an appointment to meet with us in person or if you live long distance you do have the option to send in your security deposit of $250 or $300 this is your choice on what you wish to place down as a E transfer security deposit. please ensure you understand your email must be correct so we can send you your copies of the E transfer bank copy that we print out 1- goes into your puppy file folder and 1 copy goes into our filing records. All additional puppy payments all come with a security recorded receipt with an ID code number on the right hand side of your receipt, we will email you this each time when you make your/place a puppy payment on your account each and every time. If the the owner can not come in to make their puppy payment we always keep the recorded receipts so they can pick them up once they pick up their puppy on the vet due date prior to them taking their puppy home.
Our adult's and puppies are over-socialized right from birth. They all have loving charming beautiful happy characteristics. Each puppy, preteen or adult has a very exquisite different beauty about them. They are very family orientated and child family friendly. Rest assured one of our Siberian Husky puppies will make a great special family companion. . All puppies come with a home-care puppy package this includes first set of shots, 5 time deworming collar leash micro chipped & a large bag of Yukon Gold dog food . All puppies are micro-chipped right on site for identification before leaving the premises giving you and your Siberian Husky full identification security and protection.  All of our adult's and puppies come with 100% full written health contract guaranteed up to 18 + years, and are  full medically veterinary checked and are fully clean and clear of hereditary genetic diseases and intestinal parasite .
 Snow Dogs website has dedicated themselves in producing Top Notch Purebred registered Siberian Huskies that are plush huskies short cut coat huskies and our most sharp hot shot woolly Siberian huskies. Snow Dogs has been breeding for over 4 decades with a written Health sales contracts guaranteeing the quality of longevity up to 18 plus. Leaving each individual Siberian Husky puppy with an imprinted trademark ensuring  each puppy is clean & free of genetic hereditary defects-disease within their bloodlines. They guarantee each puppy is birthed born with quality approved attributes of calm sound mind and body with family friendly child loving temperaments highly intelligent characteristics with additional flawless mask markings that enhance their appearance while showing off their attractive majestic bright ocean blue eyes, green eyes, gold eyes, navy blue eyes hazel blue eyes or bi-eyes-party eyes.
We guarantee your new puppy or adult will pass their eye, hip exam with flying colors your new Siberian husky pet prospect or breeding investment holds No hereditary health disease's, No hereditary health defects  and No genetic corruptions within their bloodlines. We standby our health guarantee up to 18 years in longevity plus. Do not settle for less or second best. Our registered Siberian Huskies are suited for family friendly companionship, And are highly intelligent and family friendly most of all positively challenged in sport activity as competitive harness racing country Ski-joying agility trials show ring and being in commercials movie series and movies or in posters to promote your business products advertisement's.Take the opportunity to watch these great family movies Snow Dogs and Eight Below this would be a great opportunity where the whole family can spend some great quality family time together with a hot bowl of popcorn.
Request to be placed on our flexible payment plan program, payment installments are due before the 1st or on the 1st and before the 15th or on the 15th of each month until the account holder's puppy account is pay off in full. This is based on how fast you wish to pay off your puppy account on file. All payments installments come with a security receipt for your own record keeping. Please check your email or junk folder  as we send out receipts to the account holders that we have on file or in person up on making an appointment to visit their new husky puppy or we will ship the receipts out taped on top of the dog kennel on the shipping due date. All puppies come with a lifetime health guarantee up to 18 year in longevity with tight clean genetic quality healthy control, First set of veterinarian vets shots booklet, 4 times dewormed, Large cuddle blanket, Leather life lasting husky collar & leash, Husky play Toys and a bag of  puppy dog food recommended for all Northern husky breeds that is high is protein No by products or fillers giving your husky puppy a thicker shinner coat while placing beautiful weight on them. Husky owner name tag Blue for males Pink for girls. Registration paper,s Micro-chipped implant on site documents in owners name. If you require your husky new puppy to be shipped to your destin